DSC_3767We have an exciting range of classes in various dance styles for you to try out. For each style there will be 2 classes.  The first one to learn some of the style and the second workshop to create a choreography together for the end of Festival Student Performances.

You do not need previous experience in a particular style or indeed to be particularly talented in dance – the aim and essence of these performances are to expand and encourage your identity in trying something new, to step beyond performance fear and most importantly to enjoy yourself!

We encourage you to jump into these classes and be celebrated!

Styles on offer include:

Bollywood – A style all about storytelling, songs and music from the movies with all the expressions that go with them!

Contemporary – A more Modern dance style that has a deep emotive quality.

Cosmos in Motion – A journey through various dance styles to reach into the cosmos.

Lasya Ritual dance– The Lasya Ritual Dance practice is an authentic exploration of devotional dance, a revival of the ancient memory of worship and communion with spirit hidden in the body and its movements

Tantra Dance – A journey to express and feel the tantric relationship between men and women elevating us to cosmic divine connection.

Moving Breath – An intense personal process in which the body is sensitized in a harmonious and holistic way through a combined experience of yoga, dance and voice.