Not only the physical dances but the whole of your being expresses

10524876_698402850197237_1823010604_nIn Silence,, There Is Stillness and Also Rhythm… Everyone has a rhythm.. “The Heartbeat”…It is The Rhythm of the life.

We all carry our own beat, it is always there. Life is a Dance, A dance we dance on our own heartbeat.
Listen to the breath. Feel the pulse. Feel the beat. Open our body and open our mind. Allowing the body to move the spirit rise…
LISTEN / DANCE/ FEEL. Dance , Dance on it, on The Heartbeat.

What are we doing
Using Contemporary Dance approach, we will have ..

*short excise to listen to the breath / heartbeat/body
*Fluid movement warm up
*Slow stretching  movement warm up
*improvisation movement
*Contact improvisation
*emotional approach dance
*Freedom Improvisation
* Fun and Beautiful Set Routine.

Who is it for

For the people who is willing to dance.
For the people who is willing to move the body.
For the people who is willing to connect with self.
For the people to just want to start doing something with the body gently and respectfully.
For the people who want to know how to improvise dance and movement.
For the people who is willing to listen to the heartbeat and breathing