Contact Improvisation

Freeing your capacity for expression

Contact Improvisation Workshops

“All are welcome to a meditative journey where presence meets creativity. Together we will awake openness, receptivity and softness in the body in movement. Free our capacity of expression,┬ámeet ourselves and meet others in a state of Presence and Empathy.
We will explore Contact Improvisation through anatomical investigations and partnering exercises enhancing a state of released and effortless motion. How to access intuition and trust to enable non Verbal Communication and the capacity of Listening through Touch.

Entering in deep connection to our own structure and its intelligence, together being, sensing, creating and transforming in intuitive dance dialogues, traveling on a subtle line where receptivity and intention meet.
We will awake and integrate the Voice in our dances, tuning, harmonizing and awakening our Voice-Body Instrument. In a choral structure creating harmonies and melodies; touching stillness or movement, listening, connecting to the power of our resonating bodies and inner realities.

Presence Joy and Spontaneity will be our guides!”

Irene Sposetti