Cosmos in Motion

Contemporary exploration into life

Cosmos in Motion

Crafting poetry without words,
Sculpting music without sound.
Living, breathing and being

Celebrating tales of bondage and hope,
Crying tears of despair and ecstasy
Being fearlessly and deliciously

Dance when you are torn apart.
Dance when you are perfectly free.
Dance when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance your way to the divine with passion,
grace, madness, courage and nonchalance.
An entire lifetime in a fleeting glance,

the life cycle of the universe in a mere dance.
because you’re perfectly free.

This workshop seeks and welcomes all those who love to move, crave to dance, and all lovers of life.
We will be dwelling in the timeless and eternal moments attained by emptying ourselves to be like a hollow bamboo flute, in order to be swept into movement in synchrony and harmony with the cosmos, vibrating with aliveness.

Through contacting and exploring the poetic expression of our internal truth, connecting with the self and with others, and through the others back to the self, and expressing and expanding our inner worlds, the movements that arise are from necessity, and not technique, the result of an “emerging grace” accessed via stillness, awareness and openness.

Inspired by a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from dance theatre, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, ensemble training, gaga, martial arts, breathing techniques, qigong and tantra, this workshops seeks to inspire the individual to be authentic, present, bold, empowered and ecstatic, while fostering a profound connection with the self as well as with others through mindful listening, fluid communication, and fearless expression, allowing a group choreography to emerge organically through the simultaneous totality and detachment of each dancer, tapping into the infinite source of true heart-centered creativity like a river gushing ferociously, and allowing the self to be carried along effortlessly by its flow.

We will also touch a deeper level of consciousness to understand why we move, how we move, and where we take ourselves in space.
The strong understanding of our inner worlds and freedom with imagination allow us to open ourselves like never before to the vast underlying potential to create and the mysteries of the universe.