Healing Temple

Let yourself be nourished

Healing Temple

As well as all the workshops, concerts, parties and events we also have a dedicated Healing Temple. Here there will be a small team ready for emotional support each day who can help you with any emotions that have been stirred up, questions about what is happening or just a good hug and a cup of tea.

In addition to this support we have arranged for some incredible bodyworkers, healers and session givers who will be offering session slots through out the festival.  A full brochure of these will be available in the healing temple with more details and prices.


MMela holds space for her clients to explore the power of the breath in a vulnerable space. In her sessions clients will explore the depths of breath, trust, touch and an awareness of their whole body. Based in Switzerland and teaching internationally, she is a yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist and bodyworker. Mela’s greatest passion is all about the breath. She studied rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr and attended various trainings. She facilitates group breathwork ceremonies and offers One on One sessions. Kundalini Yoga and the power of the breath has fascinated her for many years and brought a deeper understanding into her work with the clients. Mela loves combining her knowledge as a nurse, holistic bodworker and nutritionist.

As a nurse Mela has always been interested in health, anatomy and bodywork. She has extensive experience working with children, teenagers and adults in psychiatric clinics. For many years nutrition has been a big passion in her life. She has completed a diploma in holistic nutrition and taken courses in Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang and many other healing modalities. Currently she is taking a training in Family Constellation.

Boaz Capsouto

Boaz offers Chakra balancing and Mystic Tantra massage sessions from the Kashmiri and Taoist traditions as well as holistic 1:1 counseling.

His path of awakening and global training is an integration of Sufi meditation practices, a Non-duality mindset, a Buddhist approach, a Feminist background and Tantric bodywork which has been greatly supported by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Shantam Nisarga Dobosz, amongst others.

For Boaz, Tantra is a practice of transcending desires and transcending the ego – it is a powerful passageway into truth and authenticity through the development of the heart, body and mind. Sharing this experience with others is focused on honoring your deepest wounds and re-visiting your sexuality in a safe space enabling deep healing and engaging your life force energy as a vessel for transformation. Awakeningandtransformation.com/boazcapsouto

Masha Maria Beregini

Masha offers Psychosomatic Sessions that help integrate your own body wisdom with your personal deeper understanding why you have certain aches, pains or serious ailments right now or have been having in the past years. In the session (first, through Masha’s guidance and then, with your own psychosomatic awareness) you will be able to ask your own body what is the message it is trying to tell you, what to do about it, what to do less of in your life & what to focus on going forward.

Each session can be either a quick way of learning your own alphabet, the unique language your body uses to talk to you every day; and/or a deeper dive into the hidden depths of subconscious patterns that are affecting your whole being.

Masha’s dream is to empower people to keep discovering their own gifts, so that there not a ‘few select’ people carrying wisdom for everyone, but that each person becomes their own Wise Elder, carrying & exploring their own wisdom, responsible for their own body & inner power. Her quiet whisper to you would be: Softening back to Love. www.beregini.eu

Klara Goldy

Klara works with her natural gifts as a healer using energy work, creativity and reiki as well as the Colour – Mirrors system a powerful healing therapy which facilitates and empowers self-healing in others. She recognizes that one of her abilities is to assist others in their own self-healing process. Her work here is to remind her clients of the connection with their divine nature and soul consciousness and to tap them back into the deep knowledge we hold within our hearts. She reminds clients of the hidden treasure we keep buried here. How often do we allow ourselves to get really still and listen to our divine longing and calling?
Working with the divine feminine, psychic abilities as a seer she utilise her ability as a healer tapping in to the abundance of vibrational tools such as reiki, body massage and energy work, balancing the chakra system, colour therapy, vibrational medicine such as Bach remedies within her repertoire of main tools for this process. She helps clients to begin understanding that it all starts with accepting, loving and valuing yourself


Bhakti massage with Talisman is the celebration of your unity through the application of Ayurvedic principles bringing the integrity back to your physical attunement so that you can better embody your essence and truth, working energetically and somatically these bodywork sessions are receptively tailored to individual needs, there are no formulas, just connectivity and truth applied with devotional touch and spiritual presence are the focus of my service.

Dhyan Saamya

Samya is yoga practitioner and certified yoga therapist, a refloxologist and naturopath. She practices Osho meditations, tibetan pulsing and tantra for couples.

Samya has traveled across the world to learn different techniques of massage. Her expertise lies in body work, which is a deep tissue massage with body aligning stretches. The process includes other forms of energy work as per the need of the moment and person. Though the work is quite deep at the physical level, it also intensely relaxing on a mental level and balancing at an energetic level. Samya absolutely in love with her body yearns to share ways how to be-friend our bodies.