Lasya Ritual Dance

About Lasya Ritual Dance

DSC_3767Since Time immemorial dance has been a way of communication with spirit, with the unseen and hidden. Dance unites people in a mutual experience beyond daily routines.

In ancient temples, there were women dedicated to the service of God or Goddess through their offerings of Dance . Through their transmission and performance people could dive in states of Divine presence

The Lasya Ritual Dance practice is an authentic exploration of devotional dance, a revival of the ancient memory of worship and communion with spirit hidden in the body and its movements.

It is a dance of the Yogini, of Divine worship, harmonizing and elevating inner and outer vibrations. It s an embodied prayer to Earth, Sky, all the elements and subtle forces which sustain All life. We explore ways to communicate with those forces in order to restore Balance. In our dance our bodies become bridges between subtle and physical, pure channels of creativity and sacred order.

Our practice is about asking and listening , it is about a direct experience of spirit moving through us which can not be learned from books . We use the form of Traditional dances because– just as ancient ornaments– those forms are also carrying transmission. But just as with all spiritual practice we have to bring the methods and techniques into personal experience for them to come alive.

Today most of the Dance has become an entertainment , even originally temple Dances , as well as the classical dances of India has become highly technically orientated and for many they have lost their original meaning.

Many of us have approached classical dance with a longing to penetrate the sacred meaning of movements and the art of embodying the cosmic forces of the universe and have not found answers in the more technical oriented approaches.

In Lasya dance practice we learn to seek those answers from the Goddess herself as she moves through us. As she is the source of all knowledge and wisdom , of all sacred arts and forms. She is energy Herself moving through our bodies