Nataraj Lounge

Sing and Dance the night away

Playing the the Nataraj Lounge will be Riya Sokol and Madhu Sudan

In the Nataraj Lounge we have a dedicated space for relaxing with friends in an atmospheric chillout zone. Non-alcoholics drinks, spaces to recline and chat, a dreaming deep experience and live evening music.

Riya is a unique coloratura soprano which she uses in many commercial and non-commercial projects – a lyrics writer and the author of her Neverland musical. It has a social mission: to support people at the risk of social exclusion, suffering from various reasons- starting with shame, the fear and guilt until after the depression.

Since October 2011, she became THE Seth Riggs student (the legend, the teacher, the creator of the Speech Level Singing technique), joining the group of his students, who are e.g. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan, and many other great stars – and, above all, his closest friend Michael Jackson the King, whom Seth taught for 32 years.

She writes english lyrics, for example, songs from the TV series “Friends” by Gregory Kuczeriszka.
Recently she wrote the lyrics to the song for the world promotion of the movie by Jan Komasa “Miasto 44″, title: “Warsaw 44″ to the music of Paweł Lucewicz.

Madhusudan is a Baul Musician, these are mystical musicians from Bengal. They sing from the Heart and pour out their feelings and emotions in their songs. Their music reflects bonds of the heart, subtly revealing the mystery of life, the laws of nature and the ultimate union with the divine. Baul is a mystic nomad dealing with human relations, emotions and spontaneously expressing their spiritual ideology through music & dance.

Bauls use a number of musical instruments: the most common is the ektara, a one-stringed “plucked drum” drone instrument, carved from the epicarp of a gourd, and made of bamboo and goatskin. Others include the dotara, a long-necked fretless lute (while the name literally means “two stringed” it usually has four metal strings) made of the wood of a jackfruit or neem tree. Drums like the duggi, a small hand-held earthen drum, and and khol; small cymbals called khartal and manjira, and the bamboo flute are also used. Ghungur and nupur are anklets with bells that ring while the person wearing them dances.