Tantra Dance

Pictures 2008 203This dance tells the story of man and woman as expressions of the divine. The journey of tantra is not just expressed through the dance but the dancers become tantric dancers emboddying and feeling the principals told by the narration.

The union of Shiva Shakti as embodied in men and women, offers a portal into Superconsciousness. Sexuality, love and spirituality are delightfully represented as being essential, interwoven aspects in the fabric of life.

Dancers gracefully evoke the mystery and power of the Tantra Journey, from the primordial mud of our being into a thousand-petaled Lotus of consciousness.

In order to be part of the performance, it is essential to attend the workshop which carries the same theme and functions as a rehearsal  for the performance.

The following videos show a pervious performance of this peice by non-professional dancers in 2010 narated by Sarita.