The Venue

A beautiful eco-village on the outskirts of Delhi

The Zorba the Buddha Centre where the festival is held is a three-acre property that includes award-winning gardens, work studios, accommodations, a meditation hall, a common building, dance and performing arts hall, and outdoor performance spaces.

The buildings are in accordance with the ancient wisdom of Vastu, which harmonizes man-made structures with their natural environment.

The location is 7, Tropical Drive Mehrauli – Gurgaon Road , Gitorni.  New Delhi – 110030 , India

Community Living: At the Centre, one can experience a relaxed way of living where participants attend workshops, explore and celebrate together. You will enjoy fresh & nutritious vegetarian meals, prepared with love by our community kitchen. You can pamper yourself with yoga, daily meditations, massage during the festival. The peaceful atmosphere within the centre is an oasis to learn, relax and rejuvenate

Meals: Our love for good food makes every meal at Zorba the Buddha is a celebration. We believe what we eat is what we become and take great care in serving delicious and nutritious meals. We eat together in a common dining room or in the gardens. We are vegetarian at the centre although we do consume dairy products and eggs. While the food served is primarily Indian, we also prepare Continental, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisines. We use organic vegetables, pulses/legumes, grains and oils as often as possible.