Individual Workshops

Tantric Tango

TantratangoTantra and Tango hold a common principle which seeks to find a harmonious balance between Masculine and Feminine.

The fusion of Tantra and Tango is a living art form which brings opposite polarities in a unified field of Love and Consciousness.
The essence of tantra is the divine marriage of the masculine and feminine principles which gives rise to everything we see and feel in the world. The masculine and feminine forces are prevalent in nature, and are in a constant dance and communion, one cannot exist without the other. Tango reflects perfectly this union seen in nature through the partnership of two dancers, one representing the masculine principle offering presence and direction, while the other represents the feminine principle in the form of surrender, energy, spontaneity.
“Tantra Tango” is a process which empowers each individual in their core gender which results in a deeper connection with body, mind and emotions. When this balance is found within ourselves, then, we can share with the opposite sex from a place of empowerment and wholeness.
 This approach offers an element of meditation which is practiced in tantra, while welcoming the delightful energy and passion which is found in tango. When both principles are integrated, dance partners are rising to a balanced and harmonious relationship, flowing creatively in synergy. It is then that a simple dance becomes a transcendental and spiritual experience.
Tantra Tango opens the divine dance between two partners as well as within the individual. It supports the awakening of a meditative quality into the dance, where dancers dissolve into timeless consciousness and bliss…
It is a call for surrender, sensitivity, presence and self-love.
A variety of methods will be offered to explore, understand and embody basic elements of sensuous Argentinian Tango as well as the ancient teachings of Tantra. From soft, intimate connections to dynamic, sexy and playful interactions, you will be inspired to expand confidently to live each moment and each tango step as if it were the first and the last of your lives, with innocence, wisdom and passion.

Shamanic Dance

Tantra Dance

“Connecting to our inner shaman who knows how to navigate through our unconscious realms to find truth, beauty and light. Individually and in connection with the group we will move on a powerful journey which emboddies our emotional and unconscious self to reach into a place of transcendence”

Creative Movement Therapy

The workshop will focus on free style movement techniques that unlock our bodies’ capacity to communicate and express better. This discipline is non-judgmental and adapts itself to a wide variety of body types, and personalities. It also unchains people from habitual movement patterns and helps them discover a new, dynamic body language. Participants will explore their ‘inner dance’ – which enhances self-awareness, confidence and awareness of others.  Movement activities are interspersed with verbal dialogues which help expand and enrich the movement experiences.

Nataraj Dance Meditation

dancing-meditations-7-2This Dance Meditation has been developed by Osho. During this Active Meditation, we become Nataraj, he who dances the world into being. Each one of us is already the creator of our own unique universe. In many cases, this may be in service of our conditioned mind or our subconscious, leading to a life of confusion or stress. Through this meditation, we have the opportunity of creating our world, our universe, in the way that is in tune with our true nature. It is a profoundly liberating and ecstatic experience to find oneself as master of one’s own destiny, through the dance. After 45 minutes of dance, there is 15 minutes of silence and let go, followed by 5 minutes of soft movement. This allows for a deep integration of the metamorphosis that has happened through the dance.

Following the Nataraj Meditation, we will have some time together to explore Osho’s ‘Great Law of Magic’ opening us to a life of abundance and fulfilment.

Shamanic Sweat Lodge


Sweat Lodges have been used in many cultures as a way to purify the body, mind, soul and spirit – you will be guided in a safe and held manner to discover some of the symbolism and traditions of this process as well as experiencing a purification sweat that has 4 rounds, dedicated to different intentions, prayers and directions. A system of Native American psychology used in these processes will also be breifly taught.

Dance Yoga Movement Expression

Celebration, stillness, exploration and expression using the five senses and five elements to experience and integrate our connection with self and others.